Babylon Bombs Frontman Leaves The Band

Babylon Bombs Frontman Leaves The Band

March 29, 2010

Swedish hard rockers Babylon Bombs have announced that singer Dani has decided to leave the group. The band, who have been promoting their 2009 CD ‘Babylon’s Burning’ which reached Sleaze Roxx’s Top 10 of 2009, has issued the following press release:

Babylon Bombs lead singer and guitarist Dani is tired of touring and the music business. It’s a thing that has grown stronger the last year and he feels that he wants to focus 100% on his family.After a good talk in January we decided to put things on hold.Dani told us how he felt and that he wanted a break. It was of course tough news for the band.A break for us would mean no touring and making music so after months of difficult decisions and discussions we feel that we want to move on with a new front man.We will miss Dani and his great skills, but we have to respect that he wants to move on and we believe that he will respect us for what we stand for.

In the end we’re just a Rock ‘n Roll band and we’re longing to be out there on the road!

The band will make their last performance with Dani in Stockholm on April 10 at the Crazy Nights Rock Festival in Stockholm –

… and about the new frontman, we found him right here in Stockholm, more about that later…..!

See you out there….

Band Comments:

Dani: I decided to leave the band and since the music business is kinda fragile it feels like a natural step. What will I do? Focus on my family and write songs, so you haven’t heard the last of me yet. A big I love you goes to Jon, Swaint and Ricky! A big thank you to all the fans! Kick ass!

Rick-y: I known of Dani and Babylon Bombs for a longtime before I joined the band, but it was not until I became a member of the band I really understood the genius of Dani’s musical & songwriting skills. During this year I learned more from Dani than I done in my whole life. I’m Proud to call you my friend! Keep Rattle that bone! (ps. now you have to get you’re own eyeliner 🙂 )

Jon: Fuck you I love You! Kick ass!

Swaint: I hope to hook up with Dani when we are 60 years old (or younger), fat and bald and that we can play some Faster Pussycat covers at the senior homes around Sweden. Thx for some great years dude! Totally respect you and hope you find your way back to having FUN with music in the future. But…if you ever quit writing songs i WILL kick your ass! Love!

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