Babylon Bombs Team Up With Chris Laney


February 20, 2008

Chris Laney, who is a member of Zan Clan and Randy Piper’s Animal, is thrilled to announce that he and the Babylon Bombs will hit the Polar Studios tomorrow to record some new BRILLIANT stuff. Chris says, “the tracks are amazing and I can’t wait to produce it”.

The Babylon Bombs, for the last 9 months or so, have been writing new stuff and recording demos. The band have also done a couple of gigs trying some new songs out.

During this period the Babylon Bombs also split up with their record company Smilodon. In a split there’s always two sides of the story and of course the band strongly believe that their story is the true one.

Be sure to check out Babyon Bombs’ homepage and Myspace for updates.

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