Babylon Shakes frontman Chris Clark provides ‘Stories Behind The Songs’ for track “Hard Times”

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Babylon Shakes frontman Chris Clark provides ‘Stories Behind The Songs’ for track “Hard Times”

Vintage sleaze rockers Babylon Shakes consisting of Chris Clark on lead vocals and guitar, Gary Jordan on guitar, Jeff Mortimer on drums and David Elmore recently released their debut full-length album Exile To The Velveteen Lounge, via HighVolMusic on February 1, 2019.

The following message was posted on Clark‘s Facebook page yesterday:

“So I thought I would start doing a weekly segment called “Stories Behind The Songs”- just giving some background info and inspiration behind each of the tracks off our debut album.

If you guys enjoy it, comment and let me know.

This week- Hard Times

Hard Times – Believe it or not, this song is actually about 10 years old. Not in its current form, but the structure. It started life as “Rock n Roll Town” and I wrote it back in late 2007. Very punk, sleazy, dirty, dark party song. In my mind, this was the song I wanted to write for Michael Monroe. I could totally hear him all over this, but it was also a personal anthem so it came to life eventually. I was just reminiscing about being young and sacrificing so much for your dreams. At 19, I dropped out of university and started community college while pursuing my rock n roll career. I could barely play guitar, but it didn’t stop me from writing songs, dressing like a trashy gypsy and trying desperately to form a band in my sleepy hometown. Everybody wanted to be Dokken and Whitesnake and I was all about Hanoi Rocks, Princess Pang, NY Dolls. My walls in my bedroom were covered with torn pages from Circus, Hit Parader and Metal Edge magazines. I washed dishes throughout college and lived on leftover pizza, cheap booze and cigarettes. I lived with some friends at a party house where you would come home in the morning and step over all the passed out people in the living room- if you didn’t happen to be one of them. Even then, with so little money, we would go out and buy rounds at the bar. Celebrating every little thing. “I try to get up, but get knocked back down”. It’s a celebration of being happy with very little.”

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