Back To Eden offer free download of song “Temptation” for 24 hours only

Back To Eden offer free download of song “Temptation” for 24 hours only

The Australia based Back To Eden group is offering its first single “Temptation” as a free download but only for a limited time. As of press time for this article, there only remains 21 hours or so to download the song.

Back To Eden photoThe following message was posted on Back To Eden‘s Facebook site:


Since the site had a few glitches last Sunday, we’ve decided to do this again for those that may have missed out.

Click on the link below, then hit ‘Free Download’ to claim yours now!!!

Note: For best results, download to your Desktop/PC. May not work on some phones/other devices.

FOR THE NEXT 24 HOURS ONLY- so please feel free to share with your friends, so they can get theirs too! Cheers and enjoy…

Back to Eden- Temptation- Hard Rock/Heavy Metal

‘Back To Eden’ is the solo project of Guitarist/Bassist/Songwriter Edan from Melbourne, Australia. Respected local musicians Aliz (Vocals) and Enzo (Lead Guitar) were also enlisted to collaborate and perform on the release. Sharing a wealth of experience both domestically and overseas, each lent their own unique and professional style to the recording.