Backyard Babies ‘Them XX’ Box Set Available For Pre-Order


November 27, 2009

Backyard Babies Them XX Box Set Available For Pre-OrderThe Backyard Babies’ THEM XX box set will be released on December 7th, except for Sweden on December 9th and Germany on December 11th, and offers masterpieces through the bands musical journey.

It also includes a unique collection of exclusive private pictures, all the rare recorded B-sides, music videos and the DVD documentary “Jetlag The Movie” with a brand new 17 minutes episode about Nicke, Peder, Johan and Dregen’s 20 years together as a band, fulfilling dreams and taking Backyard Babies rightful position in the rock hierachy.

The new Backyard Babies website, official Myspace and Facebook pages celebrating 20 years of Rock n’ Roll in the form of THEM XX are now LIVE!

THEM XX is now available for pre-order! See for more info.

For you Swedes – don’t miss Dregen in “Robins” tomorrow on Swedish television SVT1 at 21:30!

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