Bad Habit To Become ‘Timeless’ In June

Bad Habit To Become ‘Timeless’ In June

April 17, 2010

Bad Habit To Become 'Timeless' In JuneOn June 25th AOR Heaven Records will release Bad Habit’s new CD ‘Timeless’.

The legendary AOR band Bad Habit formed in Lund, Sweden in 1986 by Hal Marabel and now ex-keyboard player Doc Pat Shannon. They released their first album (mini-album) ‘Young & Innocent’ in 1987 and were actually the first band to get an independently produced music video aired on Swedish national TV. The video was of their first ever single release ‘Need Somebody’.The band have since released 8 albums, the latest of them released in 2008, entitled ‘Above And Beyond’ .

Bad Habit now return with a ‘best of’ album entitled ‘Timeless’, which features a collection of songs from the albums – ‘Young & Innocent’, ‘After Hours’, ‘Revolution’ and ‘Above And Beyond’, as well as two new and previously un-released songs.

For the avid Bad Habit fan, and for those who wish to have the band’s best songs in their posession – this collection is a must…

Rock This Town (Edit)
Turning Water Into Wine (Edit)

Tracklist: 1. Turning Water Into Wine, 2. Rock This Town, 3. Play The Game, 4. Heart Of mine, 5. A Lot To Learn, 6. Rowena, 7. Lost Without You, 8. Hunger, 9. Winner Takes It All, 10. Everytime I See You, 11. Another Night, 12. I Don’t Want You, 13. Sad But True, 14. Living On The Edge, 15. Surrender, 16. Need Somebody

Tracks 1,2 – previously un-released.
Tracks 3,6, 9,14 – taken from the album ‘ After Hours’.
Tracks 5, 12, 15 – taken from the album ‘ Above And Beyond’.
Tracks 8, 11, 13 – taken from the album ‘Revolution’.
Tracks 16 – taken from the album ‘Young & Innocent’.

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