Bad Marriage release video for “Old School Stereo”

Bad Marriage release video for “Old School Stereo”

Boston, Massachusetts, USA rockers Bad Marriage have released a video for their song “Old School Stereo.”

Bad Marriage consist of guitarists Mike Fitz and Ian Haggerty, lead vocalist Jon Paquin, drummer Michael Delaney and bassist Todd Boisvert.

The group’s “Biography” on its Facebook page states:

“Boston’s Bad Marriage comes out of the gate swinging their hard rock hammer with both fists, laying down their blistering boogie with heavily swung rhythms. Their repertoire digs deep with influences including AC/DC, Led Zeppelin and Aerosmith. Indulging their collective thirst for tone and overdriven guitars, Bad Marriage pack their material with British blues-infused hard rock riffs and gutsy, soaring melodies. Together with frontman and resident wordsmith JonnyP and his over-the-top, self aggrandizing lyrics, they’ve crafted a collection of egotistical hip-shakers including “Knock 3 More Times”, “Miss Outrageous” and “Electric Emerald Eyes”.”

Bad Marriage‘s “Old School Stereo” video:

Bad Marriage – Old School Stereo (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)

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Bad Marriage‘s “Long Way Down” song:

Bad Marriage – Long Way Down

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