Bad Marriage release video for track “Diablo”

Bad Marriage release video for track “Diablo”

Boston, Massachusetts, USA rockers Bad Marriage have released a video for their second single “Diablo” from their upcoming debut full-length album.

The group previously released an EP titled Knock 3 More Times and a cover of Tom Petty‘s “Honey Bee.”

Track List for Knock 3 More Times:
01. Knock 3 More Times
02. Wizard Of Love
03. Be With You
04. Nay-Sayin’ Blues
05. Dead End Girl
06. Old School Stereo

Bad Marriage‘s “Diablo” video:

Bad Marriage – Diablo (Official Music Video)

We hope you guys enjoy the new tune! “Diablo” is the second single off our upcoming debut album which is set to release in Early 2019.SUBSCRIBE HERE —- htt…