Badlands CD’s To Get Reissued In Late April

Badlands CD’s To Get Reissued In Late April

April 5, 2010

Rock Candy Records will reissue Badland’s first two albums, 1989’s self-titled and 1991’s Voodoo Highway, in late April. Both albums will be available for purchase at

Featuring super-guitarist Jake E. Lee, fresh from a massively successful tenure with Ozzy Osbourne, together with hugely talented vocalist Ray Gillen, Badlands are a prime example of a group that seemingly had it all in the palm of their hand yet somehow yet managed to spectacularly underachieve.

The debut Badlands album is a blistering endorsement of the bands desire to resurrect the earthy blues rock sound of the early 70’s yet adding a contemporary side-order of melody and muscle. Spectacular!

The Badlands debut album had seduced fans and critics alike with confident earthy blues rock performed with a sway and swagger that suggested it was just a matter of time before the band would achieve international fame and fortune. Crammed to the brim with solid yet melodic hard rock, the follow-up material is faithful to the band’s original concept and co-opts the best of the early seventies, lacing it with the sound of futuristic blues – many quite rightly citing ‘Voodoo Highway’ as the pinnacle of their creative achievements.

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