Bands Wanted For Circus of Power Tribute


March 13, 2008

Bob, the webmaster of, is trying to get a Circus of Power tribute CD called “Working For The Machine” off the ground. There are some kick ass Circus covers by bands on myspace and would like to get a CD put together for the fans and the band. I get a lot of e-mails that say “My band covers this, my band covers that”. So I’m thinking to myself, let’s get these Swamp Boogie salutes in one cool package.

There is no money in it for anyone, including myself. I will charge for the CD exactly what it costs me to label the CD, print the inserts and pack and ship the CD. This is just a way to say, hey C.O.P., thanks for the jams. Rock n Roll in the hands of the people. I think this has the possibility to be a very cool thing.

I can take submissions in various formats, but compact disc would be ideal. Anyone that has any interest in this at all, please send e-mails to

The response to the tribute CD has been great. I have been contacted by 6 or 7 bands that want to be involved. I just hope it happens. As bands are “confirmed” I will list them as well as the song they are covering. I’m not really concerned with duplicate covers, if three different bands do “Call Of The Wild” so be it. Bands, just please remember, no one is making ANY money off of this, including myself. If anything I’ll lose some, but it’s all for rock n roll. I figure once I have at least 4 covers, thats enough to go ahead with the CD. Of course I’d rather have more, but 4 will be the minimum. There is no set deadline yet, but the sooner the better.


Circus Of Power Tribute

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