Bands Wanted For ‘Girls, Fire And Hairspray’ Compilation

Bands Wanted For ‘Girls, Fire And Hairspray’ Compilation

April 15, 2013

Bands Wanted For 'Girls, Fire And Hairspray' CompilationDelinquent Records is seeking marketable bands for ‘Girls, Fire And Hairspray’, a various artist release intended for the promotion of 15 to 18 sleaze rock and ’80s Sunset Strip-influenced metal bands seeking international publicity and distributor interests. So far the bands participating in the project are Falling Red, Lust Boys, Addiction For Destruction, Cheyenne, Lipshock, Silver Addiction, D’Molls, Smoke N’ Mirrors, Dive Bomber, Guiltz N Pleasuresz and Dirty White Trash. Submissions for this title close on Friday, May 10th, and interested bands can visit for full details.

Bands must provide Delinquent Records with a high quality recording of the desired song that has been mixed and pre-mastered. Accepted music formats are CD audio (.cda) or wave files (.wav); media can be CD-R or USB drive. Please send audio files in the original mix resolution; do not apply any addition compression of bit rate. Song length: 4 minutes 30 seconds, maximum 5 minutes will be tastefully faded, a descriptive bio of the band and your musical accomplishments. Please include copies of any media reviews and articles the band has already generated.

If your band is selected, Delinquent Records also requires the bands to provide a high quality group photo, bio, complete contact information, and $100USD. Bands selected to be featured on ‘Girls, Fire And Hairspray’ will each receive 10 CDs for the bands personal use, promotion, or sales to recoup the $100 investment. The bands retain all song copyrights and ownership.

For Delinquent Records, the use of themed various artist releases has been our most effective means of marketing a large number of unsigned bands to the international market. Participating bands benefit from the press and reviews that Delinquent Records gathers from print magazines, online e-zines, fanzines, and popular music blogs. Each of the Resurrection Series will be promoted to college radio in the United States, and Delinquent Promotions will track the popularity of each band.

By participating on this type of release, Delinquent Records is able to test the band’s marketability; this is how Delinquent chooses bands to be signed to the label. Indie bands who have a professional finished CD but only seek publicity and distribution can also benefit from the exposure our collection series generates. This approach saves bands time, effort, and shipping and international phone expenses. Using the collection disks, Delinquent Records connects the right genre of bands with the right genre of magazine and distributors without the frustration of wasting 100s of the bands’ disks as promo CDs. Lastly, through these promotional collections, Delinquent Records has placed their signed bands on film soundtracks, as well as Delinquent Distribution bands, and bands that may have only had a few quality songs recorded.

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