Bang Tango Cancel Current Dates, Full Blown Reunion In The Works


August 4, 2008

Bang Tango has been forced to cancel their current tour dates with Faster Pussycat and L.A. Guns. The band released the following statement.

“Due to a sudden illness in the band, Bang Tango has to end its run with L.A. Guns and Faster Pussycat for the remainder of the tour.

The tour was going very well and the rest of the bands on the bill are kicking ass. Please go out and support the rest of the bands. The Dogs Divine are a great band and a bunch of really cool guys. Trent, Tom, Tommy, Jim and Johnny-Two-Phones, we thank you for what you did for Tango. We wish you the best and we will see you soon.

After a six-week mandatory rest, Bang Tango will start to make plans to tour again. We thank all of you for the get well wishes and we are very sorry for anyone who has come out to se us. Please be penitent and we will see you soon. Now go out and get banged!!!”

A few days before the illness that sidetracked Bang Tango, vocalist Joe LeSte conducted an interview with Sleaze Roxx (viewable at in which he confirmed a Bang Tango reunion and a new Beautiful Creatures CD. Below are some excerpts from the exclusive interview.

Sleaze Roxx: You made the two albums with the Beautiful Creatures then changed back to Bang Tango…

Joe LeSte: You have to understand something. I have a love for music. I had this idea but it didn’t sound like Bang Tango. It was something else I wanted to do. It wasn’t contrived, there was no like oh da da da da. It was me just wanting to go balls out. I try really hard to keep them separate but the thing is ya know, two different bands and with Beautiful Creatures which we’re getting ready to do a new album right now. And it’s just like my guys in Beautiful Creatures are the best. Kenny Kweens is awesome, I love that guy. He’s like my weird brother or something. And me and Anthony Focx have been together…fuck I’ve know him since I moved to L.A. And Michael Thomas again. And we’ve got Timmy Russell. It’s just a very cohesive unit. The thing about it is that I switch gears. What I do is I leap frog the bands. And I think it’s a good idea because when everybody gets tired from Bang Tango then we jump on to Beautiful Creatures. I do Beautiful Creatures for a while and then everybody asks when Bang Tango is going to play so I jump over there.

Sleaze Roxx: With all of the groups reuniting, you said you keep in touch with all the original members of Bang Tango…

Joe LeSte: Yeah, 2009. ’89 is when the original album came out, it’ll be 20 years. We’re doing a 20 year reunion tour. All originals, every single member and we’ll be headlining.

Sleaze Roxx: So that’s kind of on the horizon.

Joe LeSte: Oh yeah it’s already in the works. All of us guys have already talked. It’s done, ya know.

Sleaze Roxx: You said there’s gonna be another Beautiful Creatures album as well?

Joe LeSte: Yeah, when I go back I have like a week off. Then Michael and I are writing the new Beautiful Creatures album with Kenny and Anthony. All of us are getting together and we’re gonna be working on that. We already have a few songs, we’re gonna see what makes the cut with us.

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