Bang Tango Debut “Suck It Up” Video

Bang Tango Debut “Suck It Up” Video

November 26, 2012

Bang Tango have released a music video for the single “Suck It Up” from the band’s latest album ‘Pistol Whipped In The Bible Belt’. The video was shot and edited by Drew Fortier, who is working on the ‘Bang Tango Movie’, scheduled for release next year.

Joe LeSte and Bang Tango are currently looking for studios as they gear up to record the follow-up to 2011’s ‘Pistol Whipped In The Bible Belt’.

Fortier told, “We recently got an amazing interview with (producer) Howard Benson — extremely insightful and takes this movie into a whole new level — along with interviews with other well known musicians that will be named soon. Overall the project is going amazing and looking like its going to get done in 2013, a little later than intended, due to the amazing interviews we have been setting up lately — with a huge thanks to Anu Gunn who has been in L.A. shooting these interviews.”

When asked if the film could lead to a reunion of the original Bang Tango band Fortier commented, “I think it may pull on some of the original member’s heart strings, just reliving everything — I mean, this movie is pretty much a documented tale of their past and achievements. There’s still some loose ends to their career which is addressed in the film and I think this whole thing might just reignite something. It would be the most flattering thing as a filmmaker if they did… but of course, if not, everybody has their own careers right now and are very happy. Joe LeSte’s got his Bang Tango, Mark Knight has his Unsung Heroes project (which also includes Tigg Ketler), Kyle Kyle has Mona Lisa Overdrive, and Kyle Stevens is about to put a trio together. So everyone is still very active in music and happy.”

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