Bang Tango Movie Theatrical Trailer Posted Online

Bang Tango Movie Theatrical Trailer Posted Online

September 2, 2012

The Bang Tango documentary, tentatively called The Bang Tango Movie, is being wrapped up and the film’s first theatrical trailer has been posted online. The film, slated for release later this year, takes an inside look into the band and features interviews with the current Joe LeSte fronted line-up as well as former members Mark Knight, Kyle Kyle, Kyle Stevens and Tigg Ketler.

“The movie is still being pieced together, I have just about everything I need for it,” videographer Drew Fortier tells “I am extremely happy with how everything is going. It has been such an experience and a joy shooting everything — over 100 hours of footage that I have gone through, logged, etc. Now is the hard part, editing this monster together. But bottom line, I hope this movie will be able to reach not just fans of the band, but also people who are fans of a cool story and just fans of being entertained.”

Regarding the possible release date of the film Fortier said, “I’d like to pull an Axl Rose and just say “soon is the word”, but I’m not trying to make Chinese Democracy here. I’d like to say I’ll be done editing in about a month, and after that I’ll be trying to find an outlet for this thing — hopefully some film festivals.”

When asked if the film could lead to a reunion of the original Bang Tango band Fortier commented, “I think it may pull on some of the original member’s heart strings, just reliving everything — I mean, this movie is pretty much a documented tale of their past and achievements. There’s still some loose ends to their career which is addressed in the film and I think this whole thing might just reignite something. It would be the most flattering thing as a filmmaker if they did… but of course, if not, everybody has their own careers right now and are very happy. Joe LeSte’s got his Bang Tango, Mark Knight has his Unsung Heroes project (which also includes Tigg Ketler), Kyle Kyle has Mona Lisa Overdrive, and Kyle Stevens is about to put a trio together. So everyone is still very active in music and happy.”

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