Bang Tango Plays On As Singer Rushed To Hospital


November 27, 2009

YouTube user fredziffil reports: Bang Tango arrived and was scheduled to play the Portage Theater in Chicago on November 25th (Black Wednesday) but early in the night an ambulance took lead singer Joe Leste to Resurrection Hospital with what was said to be a stroke.

The show’s promoter called Chicago’s Veilside to fill in, but as they arrived the remaining members of Bang Tango encountered an uber-fan in the audience named TJ, who sang in a cover band. The band took the stage with the fan handling lead vocals.

TJ sang a short 5-6 song set off the top of his head and took every opportunity in between songs to thank the band and send his concerns to Joe, at one point saying “I feel like Mark Wahlberg, just with a better band”.

Regarding the rumor that Joe Leste had passed away, Beautiful Creatures bandmate Alex Grossi issued the following statement, “In response to the dozens of phone calls, text messages and e-mails regarding Joe LeSte, I would like to squash any rumors that he is dead or even close to it. Joe was indeed taken to the hospital on Wednesday evening right before a Bang Tango performance that was set to take place at The Portage Theater in Chicago.

Without going into detail, I can tell you without reservation that Joe is very much is alive and well. He is currently stable and recovering in Chicago as I type this.”

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