Bangalore Choir In Talks To Finish Scrapped Album


February 7, 2009

Well gang, here’s the latest scoop on the ongoing drama surrounding the “new” Bangalore Choir CD.

After all the pre-production was completed in the early months of 2008, it all came to a screeching halt when David Reece decided to go his own way under the direction of this supposed “wanna-be” music lawyer who worked for NASCAR developing artist relations for future music to be used for NASCAR promotions. After starting lies and rumors to effectively sever ties between guitarist/songwriter John Kirk and vocalist David Reece, post-production was put on hold. Bangalore Choir’s scheduled appearance at Rocklahoma ’08 was cancelled and David’s other band “Gypsy Rose” was flown in from Sweden to fill the bill. We all know what happened at Rocklahoma with the thunderstorms and the damage it did to the stages. Anyway, it turned out very badly and those details are pending.

David is currently finishing a solo project in Germany and John and David have set the former problems aside and are talking and planning to finish this project.

Details will be available as soon as John gives them…and in the meantime you can hear a sample of David Reece’s upcoming solo material at his new website,

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