Bassist Ian Hill thinks Judas Priest albums ‘Demolition’ and ‘Point Of Entry’ are underrated

Bassist Ian Hill thinks Judas Priest albums ‘Demolition’ and ‘Point Of Entry’ are underrated

Judas Priest original member and bassist Ian Hill was recently interviewed by

In terms of which Judas Priest album is the most underrated, Hill opined (as transcribed by with slight edits): “Underrated? That’s a difficult one. I mean “Demolition” was underrated a hell of a lot, but that’s from the Ripper years. From the other times… probably, “Point Of Entry”. It came across… people think it’s just a commercial album. And it’s not, there are some good songs in there. And I think it’s overlooked.”

With respect to how Hill feels about the album Jugulator that was released 21 years ago, the bassist stated: “Musically, it was very very good you know. That and “Demolition”. “Demolition”, that followed it was even better. It’s unjustifiably being overlooked really. But, when Rob came back to the band it wouldn’t have been fair to ask him to get up on stage and play some of the Ripper songs. It wasn’t really the thing to do. Anymore if Rob would ask us to play some of his solo songs. But, they are two very very good albums.”

In regard to Judas Priest continuing without guitarist Glenn Tipton as a full member of the band, Hill advised: “That remains to be seen. But, there is no reason why we shouldn’t. Glenn is still mentally fine. All his mental powers are in place. So, there is no reason why the song writing team at least shouldn’t carry on. There is no reason why it shouldn’t. Glenn’s problem for the most part is the stamina part of things. He only gets up for three or four songs and for those 10-15 minutes he is fine. His playing is fine. So, there is no reason we shouldn’t continue. There is no reason why we shouldn’t make another album. and there is no reason why Glenn shouldn’t be at least on the writing team and play its part. That’s all possible. At the moment of course.”

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