Bassist Kelly Nickels to be part of Steve Riley’s L.A. Guns at M3 Rock Festival in May 2019

Kelly Nickels

Bassist Kelly Nickels to be part of Steve Riley’s L.A. Guns at M3 Rock Festival in May 2019

The line-up for drummer Steve Riley‘s L.A. Guns is starting to take shape as classic line-up L.A. Guns bassist Kelly Nickels will apparently be joining Riley at the M3 Rock Festival in early May 2019 under the L.A. Guns name.

The following message was posted on Nickels‘ Facebook page yesterday (with the monkey photo below):

“Shit, I almost forgot… SEE YOU AT M3…!!!”

Back on December 8, 2018, Sleaze Roxx unveiled its picks (for the fun of it) with respect to the L.A. Guns alumni that would be joining Riley at the M3 Rock Festival. Nickels was one of Sleaze Roxx‘s picks. Other Sleaze Roxx choices were guitarist Michael Grant and singer Jizzy Pearl (Metal Sludge confirmed that he would not be attending) along with guitarist Stacey Blades (who was announced as being part of the line-up by rock journalist Mitch Lafon on December 6th).

Wikipedia states the following in part about Nickels (with slight edits):

Nickels started as a roadie/light man for the band Hotshot, which was an early incarnation of Danger Danger. In 1981, he joined metal band Virgin Steele. Nickels joined the band Sweet Pain in New York as a bassist, and released one album with them in 1985. Kelly and drummer Ronnie Taz, quit Sweet Pain. He was replaced by Victor Prestin. He moved on to the band Faster Pussycat, but was badly injured in a motorcycle accident (at an intersection on the Sunset Strip in California) in October 1986. Due to this injury his position in the band was replaced. His leg was broken in seven different places, and he had to walk with a cane for a long time afterwards….

By the late-1980s, he had joined L.A. Guns. He remained with the group throughout their most commercially successful period. In addition to playing bass throughout his tenure with the group, he also sang lead vocals on the L.A. Guns song “Nothing Better To Do,” from their 1994 album, Vicious Circle. However, he left the band shortly after this album was released. By the end of the 1990s, he was back in L.A. Guns, only to leave again in 2000.”