Bassist Tim Gaines lashes out at portion of Stryper fan base

Bassist Tim Gaines lashes out at portion of Stryper fan base

Stryper‘s long-time bassist Timothy Gaines recently remarried to his new wife Brandee Renee Gaines on May 17, 2017 (congratulations from Sleaze Roxx). Apparently, Brandee Gaines has sadly been the victim of a lot of hate and half truths via social media in the last few days coming from a portion of the Stryper fan base and the couple went to Facebook to address this issue.

The following message was posted on Gaines‘ Facebook page earlier today:

“Given all of the hype, hatred, and half truths being spewed around social media the last few days, I would like to join in prayer for our friends, loved ones, and enemies alike. My wife has been falsely accused of being “the devil” a “whore” a “home wrecker” a “bitch” a “dog” and even a carrier of “herpes…?” The accusations have come from the “Christian” community. But in reality, my wife, wrongfully attacked, wants to pray for her enemies. She is a good woman. She doesn’t deserve the hatred coming from the Stryper fan base. I love my wife so much, and it kills me to see some of these so called “fans” and “Christians” spew their vile filth. So like my wife, rather than get angry, we will let this pass and pray for our enemies.”

Timothy Gaines‘ Facebook page reposted the following message from Brandee Gaines‘ Facebook page:

God, please watch out for my husband and myself. Bless those who have remained our friends and who have turned from gossip. Forgive and bless the people who have strived to hurt us… And my husband, who as you know, loves everyone and doesn’t deserve the hate. Bless his band members, his family, his friends, and even his fans who love him for WHO HE IS. Thank you for the blessings, grace and mercy you give us so undeservingly. Please stay with us each and every day and forgive us of our sins as we try to serve you in the ways of your Word. Bless those who condemn and strive to hurt us. Forgive them. And us.

In Your Name we pray…Amen.

Please join me in this prayer.”

Stryper‘s “Always There For You” video:

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