Bassist Victor Crusner explains the title for Eclipse’s new album ‘Megalomanium’

Bassist Victor Crusner explains the title for Eclipse’s new album ‘Megalomanium’

Eclipse bassist Victor Crusner was recently interviewed by Mark Diggins for Australia’s The Rockpit. Swedish rockers Eclipse, which also include frontman Erik Mårtensson, guitarist Magnus Henriksson and drummer Philip Crusner, released their tenth studio album Megalomanium via Frontiers Music Srl on September 1, 2023.

Crusner was asked about the title to Eclipse‘s latest album, which seems to be a return to how the band used to name its records prior to the release of 2021’s Wired. Crusner replied (with slight edits):

“That’s true. That was the point here that we wanted to make. We wanted to have a title that would be you know tied together with this era of the band like Wired. Like you said, Wired was the odd one out. I think we just picked Wired cause it just felt like a suitable term for that record and it was us coming out of the gates after covid right? But Megalomanium is like not a word. We’re not even English speakers in terms of you know, it’s not our first language but we just assumed it’s not a word and we wanted to have a title that was going to be tied to this record and you know something that’s more like strong in that sense and I think it also suited what we we’re trying to do. We were talking about looking back to Armageddonize and a lot of things that would have fit really well on the Monumentum record and Paradigm as well and Wired stuff and Are You Ready To Rock stuff. I would say like maybe parts of “Children of The Night” like the riffing would of been like an Are You Ready to Rock thing and maybe that there’s some stuff in there like “So Long Farewell” could have been a riff on Bleed and Scream you know?”

You can read the rest of the interview with Victor Crusner via The Rockpit‘s website.

Eclipse‘s “The Hardest Part Is Losing You” video: