Battle Beast singer Noora Louhimo was found by the band on YouTube

Battle Beast singer Noora Louhimo was found by the band on YouTube

Battle Beast frontwoman Noora Louhimo and guitarist Joona Björkroth were recently interviewed by former Anthrax lead vocalist Neil Turbin for Canada’s The Metal Voice.

When asked how Louhimo ended up joining the band, the singer stated (as transcribed by The Metal Voice with slight edits): “I was discovered on YouTube in 2012. The band found me on the recommendations part of YouTube page. The band saw a clip of me singing Janis Joplin on YouTube, then they asked me to join the band. I had never sang heavy metal [songs] before. I used to sing Janis Joplin, hard rock blues, jazz, soul music. Whitney Houston is my first idol. When I first heard her sing the song “I Will Always Love You”, it was mind exploding and then I said ‘I want to sing like that.’ I then started to develop my voice.”

In terms of Louhimo‘s influences, the singer advised: “If you want to be an artist you have to be good at combining  being a vocalist and being an entertainer and that makes you better than someone else. The world is filled with really good singers and really good performers if you can combine the two to make it something bigger.”

Battle Beast‘s “King For A Day” video:


Official video for ‘KING FOR A DAY’, off the album BRINGER OF PAIN. Get it here: Subscribe to NB: BRINGER OF PAIN is out worldwide via Nuclear Blast.

The Metal Voice‘s interview with Battle Beast frontwoman Noora Louhimo and guitarist Joona Björkroth:

Battle Beast Interview (Noora Louhimo, Joona Björkroth) by Neil Turbin-The Metal Voice

For Canada’s The Metal Voice former Anthrax singer Neil Turbin spoke to Singer Noora Louhimo and guitarist Joona Björkroth from Finland’s Battle Beast. The two talked about their influences, the difference between Europe and America and their musical style.