Beastö Blancö release video for cover of Alice Cooper’s “Feed My Frankestein”

Beastö Blancö release video for cover of Alice Cooper’s “Feed My Frankestein”

Alice Cooper‘s long-time bassist Chuck Garric has released a cover of Cooper‘s “classic” song “Feed My Frankestein” with his band Beastö Blancö. The video premiered today on Ultimate Classic RockBeastö Blancö will be releasing their self-titled sophomore album via Rat Pak Records on November 25, 2016.

Back in November 2013, Sleaze Roxx interviewed Garricbeasto-blanco-photo and asked him whether it was always his plan to handle the lead vocals in Beastö Blancö to which Garric replied: “It’s one of those things that just fell into place over the years. As a musician you grow as an artist — singing was one of those things that just wasn’t that important when I first started out. As I evolved musically and developed as a musician I realized I could pull this off. When I wrote and demoed tracks for either Beasto Blanco or any of the other bands that I’ve worked with I’d always sing on them. It’s one of those things that slowly transitioned into the role that I wound up playing in Beasto Blanco.”

Track List for Beastö Blancö:
01. Buried Angels
02. Grind
03. Feed My Frankenstein (Alice Cooper cover)
04. Carcosa
05. Death Rattle
06. Dark Matter
07. Sadhana
08. I Rise
09. Machine Girl
10. Honey
11. Blind Drive
12. Damnation

Beastö Blancö‘s “Feed My Frankestein” (Alice Cooper cover) video:


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Alice Cooper‘s “Feed My Frankestein” video:

Alice Cooper – Feed My Frankenstein

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