Behind The Scenes Of The New AC/DC Video Shoot


August 18, 2008

AC/DC filmed their ‘Runaway Train’ video in London on Friday. The song will be the first taste of the new ‘Black Ice’ album, due in October.

There is still some confusion about the title of the song. Fans at the shoot also seem unaware of the proper song title with some talking it up as ‘Runaway Train’ and others calling it ‘Rock ‘N’ Roll Train’. They sing ‘Runaway Train” in the chorus but the title will be ‘Rock ‘N’ Roll Train’.

For the record, the Australian label told Undercover that it is ‘Runaway Train’ at the time when we were the first to publish the album title ‘Black Ice’ back on July 2nd but we later learned that the title and the chorus are two different things.

Fans in London met at a film studio around 3pm Friday and were ushered inside at around 5.30pm.

One fan at the shoot said in a posting, “We were played the new song ‘Rock n Roll Train’ or possibly called ‘Runaway Train’. They ain’t decided yet apparently. It has a heavy driving drumbeat with bass being loud n hard to me. It sounded like a cross between ‘Hard As A Rock’ and ‘All Screwed Up’.

The fans were told to jump and wave their arms while they were filmed for the chorus of the song which goes ‘Runaway train, running off the track”.

The set looked something like ‘Terminator’ with big cogs turning and flaming flying out.

Fans from the shoot are reporting a typical AC/DC sound.

AC/DC will begin their ‘Black Ice’ world tour in Wilkes Barre, Pa in October, according to Billboard.

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