Behind the scenes video for Last Bullet’s “Sin”

Behind the scenes video for Last Bullet’s “Sin”

Canadian rockers, Last Bullet, have released a “behind the scenes” video in anticipation of their upcoming new single “Sin” which will be released on November 13, 2015.

Back in January 2015, Sleaze Roxx interviewed Last Bullet‘s frontman Bryan Fontez who commented as follows when asked when we could expect a new record from Last Bullet and how many songs would it contain:

“Unless somebody forks over a large amount of money, we probably won’t be doing anything more than another EP — another four to six songs. A new record is our number one priority right now — it’s at the top of our list because we are well overdue. Our last album was in 2012 and it was just an EP technically. So between EPs, two years is way too long. But again, it’s a money and timing thing — it didn’t feel right to do an album before. We have the songs now, so as far as when we’re recording, we would like to record early next year. The date or the time that’s being thrown around is March or April.

Fontez photoWe have five or six songs that we’ve been playing live that we really, really like. We love them and we think they are an evolved version of us — they are more mature. It’s funny, because we didn’t intend to do this but there’s less swearing and more mature subject matter — darker themes, more love and loss and things like that. But things that people can relate to so we’re never going to lose our party edge — we still have songs like that. We have a new song called “Southern Lips”. There was a time where I wrote 15 to 20 songs just by myself when I was bored at work at my old job. We have a lot of those songs that we still haven’t flushed out yet, so our next few months we’re taking time to write new music on top of the five or six songs that we already have. We’ll get about 12 or 15 songs together — solid songs — and then just choose the very best for the album and then release those. We will end up playing the other ones live more than likely, but when you have a lot more options the quality of the product ends up being better.”

Last Bullet – Sin (Behind The Scenes)

A short montage of all the work and preparation that went in to shooting the video for our new single.”SIN” will be released Friday, November 13th.Filmed by …