Betsy Bitch And Others Featured On VH1’s ‘The Women Of The Sunset Strip’


March 30, 2009

Vocalist Betsy Bitch, who was recently interviewed on Sleaze Roxx (, revealed that this Friday, April 3rd at 11pm on VH1, she will be featured in “VH1 Rock Docs – The Women of Sunset Strip”.

Betsy states, “I did an extensive on-camera interview. I have no idea how much of it “ended up on the cutting room floor”, but the producers confirmed that I did, in fact, make the final cut in some way, shape or form. I’m sure y’all will see a lot of other familiar faces as well….So check your local listings!”

Behind every great man there’s a great woman…And another, another, and another

They were Single, Sexpots, Strippers, Sinners and Saints. They were the female unsung heroes who lived and died for a unique group of bad-ass rocker boys, who came to Hollywood and dared to dream…

Once upon a time there was an unprecedented decade of debauch and decadence known as the 1980s. Wall Street was booming, cocaine was the chic drug of choice, and the perversion of the Reagan era — when bigger really meant better – was personified by the excess of L.A.’s notorious Glam Metal scene. The setting was an island of metal misfits called the Sunset Strip. And the denizens who ruled were the heavy hitting hair bands and the women who loved them.

This is the story of the mistresses of metal who helped propel the likes of Tommy, Nikki, Slash, Axl, Blackie, Jani (and many others) from fledgling musicians without so much as a place to hang their top hats, to maniacal mega-superstars. We’ll give props where props are due as these boys could not have made it without the insane devotion and sacrifice of the girls who clothed, bathed, fed, housed, whored and even saved their lives.

These dysfunctional families took care of one another with a fierce bond thicker than blood. Their community credo was “do it for the band” and they shared everything – beds, booze, needles and crabs. At the heart of their devotion to one another was their collective insatiable larger-than-life love of rock and roll that played out like a raucous live performance night after night… on stage, off stage, and every which way imaginable ALL NIGHT LONG.

These women, who played pivotal roles in the lives of our male superstars, reveal never before shared secrets and stories delivered with candid alacrity like only retired strippers/showgirls turned present-day PTA moms can. We’ll hear from: ADRIANA — former 7th Veil Stripper, who dated Steven Adler, and was de-crabbed by Axl. She later saved Axl’s life when he Od’d the week before Appetite for Destruction was released and went on to sleep with him in the studio one day as the guys wanted sounds of live sex to mix into their album; GABY GABY HEY, also a former stripper, who kept socks, cigarettes and booze on hand for the guys who would crash at her pad. Every Friday night they’d toss her apartment furniture over the balcony into the pool below then eat her poor man’s spaghetti (noodles and butter); PAMELA – a music video girl, saved Tommy Lee’s life at the Flynt Mansion only to watch him get up the next morning and swill a whole bottle of Jack Daniels. Not long after, Pam became a born again Christian and prayed hard the night Nikki Od’d and watched in relief as he also “resurrected”. Utilizing verite-style candid interviews, archival footage, photos and videos, we’ll take the viewer out of the traditional interview setting and into this visceral landscape for a look back at what was the penultimate wild ride for a generation of rockers that ultimately lives on today.

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