Big City’s new album ‘Big City Life’ + ‘Wintersleep’ double CD coming June 22nd

Big City’s new album ‘Big City Life’ + ‘Wintersleep’ double CD coming June 22nd

Norwegian melodic metal rockers Big City will be releasing their new studio album Big City Life on June 22, 2018, which will include their debut album Wintersleep as part of a double digital pack CD.

Rock N’ Growl‘s press release states in part (with slight edits):

“Norwegian melodic heavy rock/metal band, Big City, have announced the release of their second album ‘Big City Life‘ as a double CD digipack including their 2013 debut album ‘Wintersleep‘ on June 22nd, 2018 via ROAR! Rock Of Angels RecordsBig City features members of ScariotBlood Red ThroneWithemMaraton and Memoria Avenue.

The album artwork was made by by Tim Eckhorst (Scorpions, Ektomorf, UDO, Wacken Open Air). Mixing, mastering and keys on both albums by Martin Berger (Screams Of Scarlet, Blood Red Throne, Zerozonic) at Skar Production.

Big City is:

Jan Le Brandt – vocals (Memoria AvenueNorthquake)
Daniel Olaisen – guitars (ScariotBlood Red Throne, ex-Satyricon)
Frank Ørland – guitars (ex-Scariot)
Miguel Pereira – bass (Withem)
Frank Nordeng Røe – drums (WithemMaraton)

Big City is a melodic heavy rock/metal band from Norway with tons of experience in the music industry. The members have been playing or still play in extreme bands as Satyricon and Blood Red Throne, but also the up and coming prog metal band Withem and many other bands.

The reason for Big City is songwriter Daniel Olaisen and his ideas throughout the last 10 years. He wanted to put his 80’s heavy riffs in a band and find suitable people to join him. Bandmate, Frank Ørland, also played with Daniel in Scariot (1999-2005, prog/thrash/heavy band featuring Communic members) and was an obvious choice to bring to Big CityFrank Nordeng Røe (WithemMarathon, session drummer for Circus Maximus) on drums, was found when searching on internet. The band was completed with Jan Le Brandt on vocals and Geir Inge Olsen on session bass guitar. The debut album, Wintersleep, was recorded and released in 2013 digitally through Mayhem Music.

Big City continued to write material for another album. Miguel Pereira (Withem) was recruited as their new permanent bass player. Big City is now planning to perform live in 2018 for the first time!”

Track List for Big City Life:
01. Big City Life
02. Cryin’ In The Night
03. Daemon In The Dark
04. Rocket Man
05. Stars Surrounding
06. From This Day
07. Running For Your Life
08. Forgive Me Now
09. Tower Of Babylon
10. Home Again

Track List for Wintersleep:
01. Midnight Train
02. Innocence Of A Kill
03. Wintersleep
04. Fire And Stone
05. Too Late
06. The Last Sleep
07. Iseline
08. Love Break The Heart
09. Harbor Of Tears
10. Will You Be Gone

Big City‘s “From This Day” lyric video from the Big City Life album:

BIG CITY – “From This Day” (Official Lyric Video)

BIG CITY – “From This Day” (Official Lyric Video)* Artist: BIG CITY* Album: “Big City Life”* Song: “From This Day”* Label: Rock Of Angels Records* EU Release…

Big City‘s “Midnight Train”  from 2013’s Wintersleep album:

BIG CITY – Midnight Train

1st track from the debut album, Wintersleep, released 2013.