Billy Sheehan In The Middle Of New Solo CD


February 13, 2008

Legendary bassist Billy Sheehan, of Talas, David Lee Roth and Mr. Big fame, posted the following message regarding his new solo CD at

Hello everyone,

It’s another sunny day in L.A., with blue skies up above and black cat (Spooky) meowing at me to jump on my lap. I’m in the middle of a new solo CD right now–just finishing guitars. Bass parts are done, and the drums (done first of course) were done by Ray Luzier a few months ago. Ray is so incredible (he played on Cosmic Troubadour,) and I’m so very happy for him–he got the gig playing with Korn! So he’s on tour w/ those guys now. I’m finishing about 20 songs; 14 or 15 will make the record, and I’ll be singing on some, so don’t say I didn’t warn you! The rest are instrumental pieces I wrote that, of course, feature bass, but are not necessarily “bass solo’s”,– just musical pieces with lots of bass. I played guitar on everything too–mostly baritone guitar, and I’ll have some very special guests on guitar as well as a vocal or two. I’m working hard on this and its a blast! I’ll post more news a it comes.

On another note—please try to be patient if you’ve emailed me. There are over 30,000 emails here. I’ve actually had people that seemed to be pretty close friends get all upset and such because I didn’t post their comments. I’m trying my best, but sometimes (especially holidays) so many come in, there’s just not enough time. I see & read EVERYTHING that comes to me, whether its here or at my regular email address, and I very much appreciate anyone taking the time to contact me. There are just 24 hours in a day, unfortunately. OK?

I’ll be finishing up my CD soon, then off to Germany for the Music Messe, which is the European version of the NAMM show (musical instrument trade fair) to show everybody my two new Yamaha basses that are coming out. One is the 3rd version of my “Attitude” bass–the one I play all the time, and another is a new BB series design that I developed with Yamaha. I’ll post pictures and info as soon as possible.

That’s it for now—take care!


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