Arcade Bio

Arcade photo 2ARCADE

1993 – Arcade
1994 – A/2
2000 – A/3: Live & Unreleased

Stephen Pearcy – lead vocals, guitar (occasionally)
Donny Syracuse – guitar
Frankie Wilsex – guitar
Michael Andrews – bass
Fred Coury – drums and vocals

Arcade was a short-lived outfit that included members from some of the biggest bands of the ’80s glam metal scene. They recorded two great albums with little fanfare and eventually a chance at regaining past glories would tear the band apart.

Arcade photoVocalist Stephen Pearcy left Ratt in 1992 and hooked up with drummer Fred Coury who had just walked away from Cinderella himself. They completed the line-up with formerĀ Gypsy Rose guitarist Donny Syracuse, ex-9.0 bassist Michael Andrews and former Sea Hags guitarist Frankie Wilsex. They signed a major label deal with Epic and the debut was to be called Calm Before The Storm before being released as simply Arcade. But with little label support and the changing music scene, Arcade was doomed to fail and the follow-up A/2 went unnoticed.

By the late ’90s, the glam metal scene was starting to pick up life again, so both Pearcy and Coury returned to the bands that had made them famous. When Pearcy left Ratt again in 2000, he re-teamed with Wilsex and went on the road as Nitronic, the same year that the final Arcade CD of demos and live recordings was released. Great music with a harder edge than either Ratt or Cinderella was all that remained.


Arcade album coverArcade (1993) Track List:
01. Dancin’ With The Angels
02. Nothin’ To Lose
03. Calm Before The Storm
04. Cry No More
05. Screamin’ S.O.S.
06. Never Goin’ Home
07. Messed Up World
08. All Shook Up
09. So Good…So Bad…
10. Livin’ Dangerously
11. Sons And Daughters
12. Mother Blues
13. Reckless

Arcade A:2 album coverA/2 (1994) Track List:
01. Angry
02. The Move
03. So What
04. Get Off My Back
05. When I’m Gone
06. Welcome
07. Kidnapped
08. Chain To Me
09. Room With A View
10. Your Only Age
11. Hot Racin’


Arcade A:3 album coverA/3: Live & Unreleased:
01. Dancin’ With The Angels (live)
02. Livin’ Dangerously (live)
03. Nothin’ To Lose (demo)
04. Never Goin’ Home (demo)
05. All Night Long (demo)
06. Keyboard Solo (live)
07. So Good, So Bad (demo)
08. Screamin’ S.O.S. (live)
09. Cry No More (demo)
10. Messed Up World (demo)
11. Sons And Daughters (live)
12. Mother Blues (live)
13. All Shook Up (demo)

Arcade‘s “Nothin’ To Lose” video:

Arcade – Nothin’ to Lose

Music video by Arcade performing Nothin’ To Lose. (C) 1993 SONY BMG MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT