Beau Nasty Bio


1989 – Dirty But Well Dressed 

Beau Nasty was a typical late 80’s sleaze band, releasing a brand of good time hard rock similar to that of Britny Fox. One album and a couple of tours was all the band managed to accomplish before fading into obscurity. Formed in Los Angeles, California by Mark Anthony Fritz (vocals), George Bernhardt (guitar, ex-Lee Aaron and Hanover Fist), Brian Young (guitar), Doug Baker (bass) and Mike Terrana (drums, ex-ZillionHanover Fist and Kuni).

The legendary Beau Hill produced the debut album, but even singles such as “Shake It” (also the name of early promos of the album) and their version of “Love Potion #9” couldn’t propel the record into the charts. The band hit the road opening for Loverboy and Love/Hate, but by the tail end of 1989 they had become disillusioned with the music business and disbanded. Terrana became a highly sought after drummer, and went on to work with Tony MacAlpineYngwie MalmsteenAxel Rudi Pell and Rage among others. Young joined Talisman (and later played with David Lee Roth) while Bernhardt played with both Jeff Scott Soto and Gregg Bissonette.


Dirty But Well Dressed (1989):
01. Shake It
02. Goodbye Rosie
03. Gimme Lovin’
04. Paradise In The Sand
05. Dirty, But Well Dressed
06. Love To The Bone
07. Gemini
08. Piece Of The Action
09. Make A Wish
10. Love Potion #9

Band Members:
Mark Anthony Fretz – lead vocals, harmonica
George Bernhardt – guitar, vocals
Brian Young – guitar, vocals
Doug Baker – bass, vocals
Mike Terrana – drums, percussion

Beau Nasty‘s “Shake It” video: