Kick Axe Bio


1984 – Vices
1985 – Welcome To The Club
1986 – Rock The World
2004 – IV

Kick Axe had minor success and were able to tour with some of the biggest names in the mid-eighties before disbanding. The band was able to get signed to the label that made Quiet Riot headliners, but were never able to match the same level of stardom.

Kick Axe were formed in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada by Larry Gillstrom (guitar), Victor Langen (vocals/bass) and his brother Gary (drums). By 1978, they added a second guitarist in Raymond Arthur Harvey and decided to relocate to Vancouver, British Columbia and its more lively music scene. Gary Langen did not move with the band and was replaced with Larry‘s brother Brian. The group began recording in 1979 but scrapped the sessions because they felt they needed a more distinguished frontman. Vocalist Charles McNary was brought in and the band started to make waves, even appearing on a Playboy compilation album.

McNary walked away from the band in 1981, and it would be almost two years before George Criston replaced him. Shortly after his inclusion, the group landed a major label deal with Spencer Proffer‘s Pascha Records. Vices was released to critical acclaim, and the band hit the road behind such acts as Quiet Riot, Judas Priest and Whitesnake. The third single from the album (appearing only on the cassette version), a cover of Humble Pie‘s 30 Days In The Hole appeared on the Up The Creek soundtrack.

The band’s follow-up strayed away from their rock anthems for a softer sound, and included a handful of guest stars. It reached the Billboard Top 200, but disappointed diehard fans. Meanwhile, the group appeared on the Transformers soundtrack under the name of Spectre General due to U.S. legal troubles. Harvey left the band in 1986, but was never replaced. One final album, a return to their roots, was released but by then all momentum had been lost. By 1988, they were without a label and then disintegrated. Surprisingly, the band reformed in 2003 with original member Gary Langen handling vocal duties for Criston who was unavailable to join the reunion due to prior work commitments. The new album entitled IV was released the following year, and the more mature effort was a hit with fans.

In 2008, Langen left the band. Kick Axe forged ahead with new lead vocalist Daniel Nargang (ex-Into The Eternity) and still continue to play sporadic tour dates and rock festivals in Canada.


Vices (1984) album:
01. Heavy Metal Shuffle
02. Vices
03. Stay On Top
04. Dreamin’ About You
05. Maneater
06. On The Road To Rock
07. Cause For Alarm
08. Alive & Kickin’
09. All The Right Moves
10. Just Passin’ Through
11. 30 Days In The Hole (*cassette version only*)

Band Members:
George Criston – lead vocals
Raymond Arthur Harvey – guitar and vocals
Larry Gillstrom – guitar and vocals
Victor Langen – bass and vocals
Vice Brian Gillstrom – drums and vocals

Welcome To The Club (1985) album:
01. Welcome To The Club
02. Feels Good, Don’t Stop
03. Comin’ After You
04. Make Your Move
05. Never Let Go
06. Hellraisers
07. Can’t Take It With You
08. Too Loud…Too Old
09. Feel The Power
10. With A Little Help From My Friends

Band Members:
George Criston – lead vocals
Raymond Arthur Harvey – guitar, keyboards and vocals
Larry Gillstrom – guitar and vocals
Victor Langen – bass and vocals
Vice Brian Gillstrom – drums

Rock The World (1986) album:
01. Rock The World
02. The Chain
03. Red Line
04. Devachan
05. Warrior
06. We Still Remember
07. The Great Escape
08. Medusa
09. The Dark Crusade
10. Magic Man

Band Members:
George Criston – lead vocals
Larry Gillstrom – guitar and vocals
Victor Langen – bass and vocals
Vice Brian Gillstrom – drums

IV (2004) album:
01. Right Now
02. Rockin Daze
03. Consolation
04. Turn To Stone
05. Do You Know
06. Who Knows Ya
07. Woe
08. Time
09. Slip Inside My Dream
10. Who Says
11. Rock N Roll Dog
12. Black Heart
13. City Lights
14. The Only Ones Here

Band Members:
Gary Langen – lead vocals, additional drumming and percussion
Larry Gillstrom – lead/acoustic guitar and background vocals
Raymond Harvey – lead/slide guitar and harmony vocals
Victor Langen – bass and background vocals
Brian Gillstrom – drums and background vocals

Kick Axe‘s “On The Road To Rock” video:

Kick Axe – On the Road to Rock (music video)

Kick Axe, Regina, CanadaAlbum: VicesPasha Records / CBS 1984George Criston – Lead vocalsVictor Langen – Bass, backing vocalsRaymond Harvey – Guitars, backing…

Kick Axe‘s “With A Little Help From My Friends” video:

Little Help From My Friends

When Kick Axe recorded the album Welcome to the Club they went into the studio with several musicians to cover the Beatles Classic Little Help From My Friend…