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Sister Sin posterSISTER SIN

2003 – Dance Of The Wicked
2007 – Smash The Silence
2008 – Switchblade Serenades
2010 – True Sound Of The Underground
2012 – Now And Forever
2013 – Dance Of The Wicked 2013
2014 – Black Lotus
2020 – Raw & Mean (Live From Rehearsals)

Swedish heavy metal band Sister Sin was founded in 2002. The group’s name was derived from the Swedish group Machinegun Kelly‘s song “Sister Sin.” The band comprised of powerhouse female lead vocalist / personal trainer Liv Jagrell, bassist Chris Casey (aka Bednarz), guitarist Johnny Sinn and drummer Dave Fonda (aka Sunderberg) released their debut album Dance Of The Wicked in 2003 via Greek record label Sleaszy Rider Records. This first record was lighter fare hard rock than what the band would ultimately be known for and has often been dismissed by the band members themselves as not a “real” album but rather demos that were released by their Greek label. Within six months of the debut album’s release, Sister Sin did not play any songs live from that release. By 2005, Sister Sin released a three song demo called Promo 2005 which songs had a harder edged and unrelenting direction as well as new guitarist Jimmy Hitula on board who joined in 2004 replacing Sinn. Aiming to get signed by a bigger record label, the group recorded a five song EP Smash The Silence which was released in 2007 while their current record label went bankrupt.

Sister Sin photo 2 with BentonBy early 2008, Sister Sin‘s fortunes started turning with the band getting voted to play the Sweden Rock Festival for later in 2008 as well as signing on with Metal Haven Records for the release of their debut record in the fall of 2008. In June 2008, Sister Sin signed on with Victory Records for the release of their debut album outside of the European market. Switchblade Serenades was released in October 2008 and included the five tracks that were on the previous Smash The Silence EP. Shortly after its release, bassist Chris Bednarz who was the band’s chief songwriter writing all the lyrics and most of the music departed the group unwilling to commit the time needed to take the band to the next level. The remaining three band members received an e-mail inquiry from bassist Chris Benton about the vacant bassist position and after a tryout, he joined the group. The release of Switchback Serenades also started an extensive tour, record album, tour, record album cycle that would ultimately lead to the demise of the band seven years later.

In June 2010, Sister Sin released their album True Sound Of The Underground, which saw the band adopt and crystallize their harder edged heavy metal sound with Hitula and Sunderberg handling the songwriting. Once again, shortly after the latest Sister Sin Strandh photoalbum release, the bassist position became an issue with Benton leaving the band with the reason cited that he was unable to tour. After touring with a fill in bassist, tall and tattooed Strandh joined the group in what is considered the band’s ultimate line-up. Sister Sin started gaining more and more momentum including support from unlikely people such as wrestling legend Mick Foley. Throughout Sister Sin‘s first album releases, the band recorded a number of covers: “Paint It Black” by the Rolling Stones, “Make My Day” by Motörhead and U.D.O.‘s “24/7.” In late 2011, Sister Sin teamed up with Doro Pesch for their cover of Motörhead‘s “Rock N’ Roll.”

In October 2012, Sister Sin released their album Now And Forever, which continued the group’s harder edged direction while exploring new musical landscape including a first ballad. Sister Sin Strandh photo 2Now And Forever proved to be Sister Sin‘s best selling record up to that point. Unfortunately, the group had to cancel a number of tour dates to support the release of the album given that Jagrell had to undergo surgery for her vocal chords. In June 2013, Victory Records decided to re-release Sister Sin‘s “debut” album Dance Of The Wicked and included the three songs from the group’s Promo 2005 demo and cover of Motörhead‘s “Rock N’ Roll” along with a DVD of the ten videos that the band had done. In October 2014, Sister Sin released their last album Black Lotus, which continued the group’s in your face heavy metal barrage. More heavy touring ensued with the band surprisingly and unexpectedly calling it quits on November 7, 2015 after returning home for a couple of weeks with Sundgren and Hitula in particular citing burnout and financial difficulties as the main reasons for the band’s demise. Out of all the band members, Jagrell remained the most active music wise and in the public limelight as she formed the band Liv Sin who released three albums — Follow Me (2017), the EP Inverted (2018) and Burning Sermons (2019). Sundgren was on the opposite end not playing any music aside from jamming with Hitula and Strandh from time to time. Four years later on December 23, 2019, Sister Sin announced that the classic line-up of Jagrell, Sundgren, Hitula and Strandh had reformed and was scheduled to play two rock festivals in Sweden in July 2020. Due to the world-wide Covid pandemic, the band wasn’t able to play any festivals that year. Sister Sin ended up playing their first show in five years via a live stream concert in mid-June 2020 with Fredrik Jordanius on rhythm guitar. The group’s live stream performance was later released as the live album Raw & Mean (Live From Rehearsals) in late October 2020.


SS DanceDance Of The Wicked (2003) Track List:
01. Kiss The Sky
02. Dance Of The Wicked
03. Fall Into My Dreams
04. End Of The Beginning
05. Love Lies
06. Dirty Damn I
07. Paint It Black
08. Tragedy Loves Company

Band Members:
Liv Jagrell – vocals
Johnny Sinn – guitar
Chris Casey – bass
Dave Fonda – drums

SS Smash The SilenceSmash The Silence (2007) Track List:
01. Hostile-Violent
02. Breaking New Ground
03. On Parole
04. Love/Hate
05. All Systems Go!

Band Members:
Liv – vocals
Jimmy – guitar
Chris – bass
Dave – drums


SS Switchblade CDSwitchblade Serenades (2008) Track List:
01. Beat The Street
02. Death Will Greet Us
03. One Out Of Ten
04. Breaking New Ground
05. On Parole
06. Make My Day
07. Hostile Violent
08. Switchblade Serenade
09. Love/Hate
10. All Systems Go!
11. Eye To Eye

Band Members:
Liv – vocals
Jimmy – guitar
Chris – bass
Dave – drums

SS True 2True Sound Of The Underground (2010) Track List:
01. Sound Of The Underground
02. Outrage
03. Better Than Them
04. 24/7
05. Heading For Hell
06. I Stand Alone
07. Built To Last
08. The Devil I Know
09. Times Aren’t A-Changing
10. Nailbiter
11. Beat Em Down

Band Members:
Liv – vocals
Jimmy – guitar
Benton – bass
Dave – drums

SS Now And Forever CDNow And Forever (2012) Track List:
02. End Of The Line
03. Fight Song
04. In It For Life
05. Hearts Of Cold
06. The Chosen Few?
07. Hang ‘Em High
08. I’m Not You
09. Running Low
10. Shades Of Black
11. Morning After

Band Members:
Liv – vocals
Jimmy – guitar and backing vocals
Strandh – bass and backing vocals
Dave – drums

SS Dance 2013 2Dance Of The Wicked 2013 (2013) Track List:
01. Kiss The Sky
02. Dance Of The Wicked
03. Fall Into My Dreams
04. End Of The Beginning
05. Love Lies
06. Dirty Damn I
07. Paint It Black
08. Tragedy Loves Company
09. Minor You (Major Me) (demo)
10. Writings On The Wall (demo)
11. Head Over Heels For Love (demo)
12. Rock ‘N’ Roll
DVD Track List:
01. Fight Song
02. Hearts Of Cold
03. End Of The Line
04. End Of The Line (lyric video)
05. 24/7
06. Outrage
07. One Out Of Ten
08. On Parole
09. Rock ‘N’ Roll
10. Sound Of The Underground

Band Members:
Liv Jagrell – vocals
Jimmy Hitula – guitar
Johnny – guitar
Chris Martensson – bass
Strandh – bass
Dave Sunderberg – drums

SS Black LotusBlack Lotus (2014) Track List:
01. Food For Worms
02. Chaos Royale
03. Au Revoir
04. Desert Queen
05. Count Me Out
06. Stones Thrown
07. The Jinx
08. Ruled By None
09. Sail North

Band Members:
Liv Jagrell – vocals
Jimmy Hiltula – guitar
Strandh – bass
Dave Sundberg – drums and percussion

Raw & Mean (Live From Rehearsals) 2020 Track List:
01. 24/7
02. Sound of The Underground
03. Outrage
04. Chaos Royale
05. Running Low
06. Heading For Hell
07. Desert Queen
08. Hearts of Cold
09. Better Than Them
10. One Out of Ten
11. Sail North
12. Fight Song
13. Food For Worms

Band Members:
Liv Jagrell – lead vocals
Dave Sundberg – drums
Jimmy Hiltula – lead guitar
Strandh – bass
Fredrik Jordanius – rhythm guitar

Sister Sin‘s “One Out of Ten” video (from Switchblade Serenades album):

Sister Sin – One out of ten (Official)

From the album “Switchblade serenades” (Victory Records).New album “True sound of the underground” (2010/11), released and distributed in South America by Bl…

Sister Sin‘s “24/7” video (from True Sound of The Underground album):

Sister Sin – 24/7 (Official)

From the album “True sound of the underground” (2010/11), released and distributed in South America by Blackstar CP.RELEASE DATE: APRIL 5TH 2011www.blackstar…

Sister Sin‘s “Fight Song” video (from Now Or Forever album):

Sister Sin‘s “Chaos Royale” video (from Black Lotus video):