Bitch ‘Be My Slave’ CD/DVD Re-Issue Coming On August 2nd

Bitch ‘Be My Slave’ CD/DVD Re-Issue Coming On August 2nd

July 21, 2011

Bitch 'Be My Slave' CD/DVD Re-Issue Coming On August 2ndOne of Metal Blade Record’s original bands, Bitch, is back with a special CD/DVD re-issue. The band’s classic album, ‘Be My Slave’, which could be seen in the hands of Tipper Gore as she campaigned to save our children throughout the 80s, has been repackaged with the ‘Damnation Alley’ EP and a live DVD. The DVD includes Bitch’s performance at the Keep It True Festival in Germany in April of 2011, along with a myriad of early 80s live performance and cable access footage. This is a must for die-hard fans and 80s metal connoisseurs.

“Not only is front-woman Betsy a tough-as-nails stone cold fox, but their first two albums are certified sleaze rock classics. 1983’s ‘Be My Slave’ is a master class in headbanging S&M soaked leather heavy metal.”

Fans can listen to Ride In Thunder and watch a clip from the Keep It True performance right now at

Be My Slave/Damnation Alley track listing:
1. Right From the Start
2. Be My Slave
3. Leather Bound
4. Riding In Thunder
5. Save You From the World
6. Heavy Metal Breakdown
7. Gimme a Kiss
8. In Heat
9. Make It Real (Make It Rock)
10. World War III
11. Saturdays
12. Never Come Home
13. Damnation Alley
14. He’s Gone
15. Live for the Whip
16. Let’s Go

Bonus DVD Complete Performance at KEEP IT TRUE XIV Festival in Lauda-Konigshofen / Germany, Friday April 29th 2011
The L.A. Shows:
Riding in Thunder
Walls of Love
Live For The Whip / World War III
Make it Real / Riding in Thunder
Be My Slave
Hot and Heavy
Leather Bound (cable access)
Be My Slave (cable access)

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