Bitch&Chips are back under a new name “Darkh”

Bitch&Chips are back under a new name “Darkh”

After announcing their endgame on March 9th and Bitch&Chips‘ last” show on April 1st, it is no surprise and thankfully for us, it was in some ways a sort of April Fool’s Joke since the band is back under a new name simply titled Darkh. The band posted a video to commemorate this announcement and there looks to be a ten track full-length album on the horizon entitled A Story Yet Untold.

Darkh logoFrom Bitch&Chips‘ revamped Facebook page which is now under the name Darkh:

“We are DARKH!

BITCH&CHIPS may be history – But we are not ready to call it an end without having really tried. While we always proudly identified ourselves with BnCH, we felt that the name no longer stood for who we truly are, both personally and musically.

We felt that the next chapter in our lives should stand for much more than just a bunch of young guys with a silly name and a big dream. This band should stand for something else, something BIGGER – Something that you can all relate to.

Loud. Raw. Intense. Dramatic. DARKH!

What can you expect? Watch this promo video right here and let us know what you think. Every Like, Comment and Share will help us tremendously! Fire away! xx”