Black Diamonds release video for new single “Reaching For The Stars”

Black Diamonds release video for new single “Reaching For The Stars”

Swiss rockers Black Diamonds consisting of frontman Mich Kehl, bassist Andi Barrels, drummer Manu Peng and guitarist Chis Blade Johnson have released a video for their single “Reaching For The Stars” from their new album No-Tell Hotel.

Track List for No-Tell Hotel:
01. No-Tell Hotel
02. Evil Twin
03. Lonesome Road
04. Forever Wild
05. Saturday
06. Anytime
07. The Island
08. My Fate
09. Hand In Hand
10. Reaching For The Stars
11. Turn To Dust
12. Outlaw

Black Diamonds‘ website indicates in part (with slight edits):

Black Diamonds are the unmistakable proof that Rock n’Roll is neither dusty nor old fashioned. Since the band was founded in 2004, the four guys from the St. Gallen Rhine Valley (CH) have skillfully combined hard rock with catchy melodies. The energetic live show is generously enriched with glam rock elements: black eyeliner, hairspray, Hello Kitty shirts – in short: everything that Pandora’s make-up box has to offer.

In 2017, the Black Diamonds released their third studio album “Once Upon A Time” and set out on a three-week European tour as the opening act for H.E.A.T (SE). In the following year, they accompanied Crystal Ball (CH) on their tour across Germany. There were also other concert highlights such as the opening of the Bang Your Head Festival in Balingen (DE), the Rock The Ring Festival in Hinwil (CH) and the HEAT Festival in Ludwigsburg (DE).

In March 2021, the new album “No-Tell Hotel” will be released on the record label Metalapolis. The band’s own hotel opens its gates — from the common casual killer to the retired syndicate boss, everyone is welcome to hide comfortably and elegantly here. The songs tell the gripping stories of the guests and leave no detail out. Be ready for a massive load of rock and glamour once you step through this door … Welcome to the No-Tell Hotel!”

Black Diamonds‘ “Reaching For The Stars” video: