Black Label Society Bassist Talks About Zakk Wylde’s Health


May 10, 2009

The Classic Metal Show, heard Saturdays from 9p-3a EST at, conducted an interview on the May 9th edition of the show with Black Label Society bassist JD DiServio. During the course of the interview, the question of Zakk Wylde’s health was approached, as well as the possibility of DiServio leaving Black Label Society if his new band, Cycle Of Pain, takes off. Here is an excerpt of the interview:

THE CLASSIC METAL SHOW – The rumor has it that (backstage) Zakk is chilling out these days trying to get his health in order. Is there any truth to that?

JD DISERVIO – Well, you know man, he’s been hitting it hard for a long time. He should try to get his health in order, you know, because that’s the most important thing. We need our health. It’s fun to party, you know, but you’ve got to be here. Getting your health together is very important.

THE CLASSIC METAL SHOW – Hypothetically, if Cycle Of Pain became the #1 metal album in the country and it got to where you had to make the decision, would you be able to leave Black Label Society?

JD DISERVIO – Ah…I’ll never leave. This is home, baby.

THE CLASSIC METAL SHOW – It’s like a gang. You can never leave.

JD DISERVIO – Without a doubt. You can’t leave. They’ll hunt me down and find me. They’ll come and get me.

THE CLASSIC METAL SHOW – It’s kind of like Zakk with Ozzy. He just can’t get away.

JD DISERVIO – I’ve tried to get away from Zakk my whole life. He’s just part of me (laughing).

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