Black Star Riders release lyric video for “Heavy Fire”

Black Star Riders release lyric video for “Heavy Fire”

Formerly known as Thin Lizzy, Black Star Riders have released a lyric video for the title track of their new upcoming third studio album, which will be released via Nuclear Blast Entertainment on February 3, 2017.

Secret Service PR‘s press release states in part:

“Lead vocalist/guitarist Ricky Warwick explains about the track, “Only fools would believe that rock n roll can rejuvenate a world in the throes of a collapsing civilization that’s coming under heavy fire from all asunder. But what if the would-be fools are right?”…

From the immediate riffs of album opener Heavy Fire to the instant hooks of first single “When The Night Comes In,” from the dirty bass groove of “Thinking About You Could Get Me Killed” to the familiar and trademark dual guitars of Gorham and Johnson on “Testify Or Say Goodbye,” Heavy Fire is an album that will further cement BSR‘s reputation as one of the world premiere rock acts.

Following on from their critically acclaimed albums All Hell Breaks Loose and The Killer Instinct which have paved the way for Black Star Riders to be recognised as a power force in the modern day of Rock n’ Roll, Heavy Fire will be once again released by Nuclear Blast Entertainment. The band have also brought in PledgeMusic, one of the most innovative and successful platforms of the modern music world, to give fans extra special product and experiences to go along with the album’s release.”

Black Star Riders‘ “Heavy Fire” video:


The title track from Black Star Riders’ third studio album, Heavy Fire, out worldwide via Nuclear Blast Entertainment.Purchase, download and stream at http:/…