Black Star Sinners release video for new single “Livin’ The Life”

Black Star Sinners release video for new single “Livin’ The Life”

Southern California rockers Black Star Sinners consisting of frontmanĀ Walt Deadly, lead guitarist Ash Star, rhythm guitarist Philthy Rych, bassist Tonestar and drummer Julie V. have released a video for their new single “Livin’ The Life” from their new EP Black Star Sinners.

Track List for Black Star Sinners EP:
01. Meet The Devil
02. Livin’ The Life
03. Stars In Japan
04. Degenerated (Dā˜†Generation cover)

Speaking exclusively to Sleaze Roxx, rhythm guitarist Philthy Rich was asked how the band first got formed to which he replied: “Black Star Sinners formed when Ash Star, Julie V. and I disbanded Sheer Lust in 2019. We started as a three-piece with myself on lead vocals and bass, Ash Star on guitar and Julie V. on drums. The band brought on Tonestar on bass and I switched to rhythm guitar. Recently, we added new lead vocalist Walt Deadly and we re-recorded songs from the 2020 EP. “Meet The Devil” is a new song, which will be the next video, slated for a late July release.

In terms of Black Star Sinners‘ future plans for 2021, Philthy Rich indicated: “The band currently has six songs completed and four more in the works. The full album has a tentative release date of November 2021.”

Black Star Sinners‘ “Livin’ The Life” video: