Black Stone Cherry Premiere Video For “Things My Father Said”


May 18, 2009

Black Stone Cherry brings you a moving new video for the song “Things My Father Said,” just in time for Father’s Day.

You can watch the exclusive world premiere below. Black Stone Cherry’s latest release, ‘Folklore And Superstition’, is in stores now.

In a blog at the band states;

“Hello everyone! We are so extremely pleased to bring you all this video for “Things My Father Said”! Like we’ve said before, this is not just another run of the mill music video for us. This is a true example of how much family and friends means to not only us band guys, but to everyone around the world. When it came time to make this video, we told the director (Andrew Bennett) that this song was very important to us and we wanted NO outside influence or Hollywood theatrics. We wanted raw emotion and feeling..we wanted normal. He was very understanding and respected our wishes, and as you will see did a terrefic job making it everything it needed to be. But while any director or band would love to take credit for this video, it was YOU that made it magical! Our deep thanks and utmost respect goes out to our family, friends, and fans who showed and submitted their photos for this video. The song speaks for itself, but coupled with the faces of real people showing their appreciaition and honor for their lost loved ones is something truly out of this world and heartwarming. We will probably never make a more real and emotionally powerful video as this and we’re okay with that. We’ve done it this time and once is all we could ask for. So without furthur rambling, we again thank each and every person that had a helping hand in making this video possible as it means so much to us. We hope this song and video will enter the hearts of people all over the world and help them in any way possible. After all, that’s what we wrote it for! Spread this song to others and send it to everyone you know. We hope it will make people stop and think and take time to appreciate those living around us, and those who have passed away.

Much love and respect…

PS..Don’t forget to tell the ones you love how much you care for them..before it’s too late!”

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