Black Tora “Raise Your Fists” In New Music Video

Black Tora “Raise Your Fists” In New Music Video

December 4, 2013

Black Tora have release a video for “Raise Your Fists”, the latest single from their 2012 EP of the same name.

The five song ‘Raise Your Fists’ EP was independently released by the Texas trio in August of 2012. “Given the result of this EP I do have one criticism — I am disappointed that there was not a full album,” said Sleaze Roxx in a review of the EP. “I am selfishly telling myself this is a predecessor to something bigger, something to look forward to. Many rock bands influenced by the eighties sound struggle to make it new — however, Black Tora have figured out the formula to inject and make this happen. You don’t have to be from Texas to like this EP, Raise Your Fists is packed with energy and is required listening for anyone searching for something new in the heavy metal genre.”

Black Tora consists of Chris Daniel (vocals and bass), RazorDave (guitar) and Nicky X (drums), and can be found at

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