Blackbird Release Second Video From New Album ‘Of Heroes And Enemies’

Blackbird Release Second Video From New Album ‘Of Heroes And Enemies’

March 26, 2014

Blackbird’s new album ‘Of Heroes And Enemies’ was released today through Pure Rock Records, along with a video for the second single “Dusk Till Dawn”.

On their new album ‘Of Heroes And Enemies’, the follow-up to frontman Angus Dersim’s 2011 solo album ‘It’s Only Rock’N’Roll’, Blackbird doesn’t recook the old rock ‘n’ roll recipe. Ten tracks, including the single “Fire Your Guns”, are remarkable for their dirty guitar sound, sing-a-long choruses (in the style of Slash and Buckcherry), and a pumping groove, so that there’s nothing missed when compared to the genre’s heroes.

Blackbird, a band from South-West Germany, is about to make massive waves. Twenty five headlining gigs, as well as support shows for international acts such as Rhino Bucket, The Milestones and Supagroup, helped singer and lead guitarist Angus Dersim, ryhthm guitarist Bora Karakus, bassist Fritzi Delli and drummer Daniel Keller not only to gain a solid spot in Germany’s rock scene but also to connect with a growing, international fanbase.

Blackbird earned their status as an extraordinarily good headlining band, even being called the “European Airbourne”. Not many bands sound that fresh and energetic nowadays — you can get proof of that at one of Blackbird’s dirty and unleashed live shows.

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