Blackpool Republic Release First Video For “Light It Up” Single

Blackpool Republic Release First Video For “Light It Up” Single

January 15, 2015

Los Angeles rock band Blackpool Republic has just released their first music video for the song “Light It Up”, from their forthcoming debut EP of the same name.

Blackpool Republic prides itself as a rock band with the chops and songwriting skills to bring true rock ‘n’ roll back to the forefront of American music culture. The band’s goal is to wipe the slate clean by turning the American music industry upside down and on its ass with no apologies. All five band members live in Hollywood, California, and thrive on the ‘life in the fast lane’ Los Angeles lifestyle.

Speaking exclusively with Sleaze Roxx, Blackpool Republic’s new guitarist John Dzubak described the band’s sound as follows: “The sound of the EP, and of Blackpool Republic in general, is a reflection of the bands we grew up with and love: The Rolling Stones, AC/DC, Black Sabbath, Motorhead, Guns N’ Roses, The Cult, and The Black Crowes. You know what I’m saying… real rock n’ roll!”

Blackpool Republic has just released the first video version of “Light It Up”, with the second edition being shot in a couple of weeks. Dzubak explained the rationale for the two different videos for the same song: “The original idea for the video was always to make two versions. First, we wanted to do a version that was just a pure live-performance thing — something that was just the five of us performing in a single, small space. Up close… raw… simple. We all really liked the minimalism of the video for “Jumpin’ Jack Flash” by The Rolling Stones. Something like that, that was the idea. For the second version, we decided to do something a little more elaborate, something with the live performance stuff cut with a narrative. The storyline is focused on two cars playing chicken on the El Mirage Lake bed outside of L.A. We’re planning on shooting that next month, so keep a lookout for that. It should be, um, explosive (laughs).”

Dzubak has proven to have a good sense of humour. When asked what Blackpool Republic’s plans were for 2015, he replied, “Well, we’re all pretty modest, so we’d be happy with being only the greatest new rock ‘n’ roll band in the world. After that, we’ll see.”

Blackpool Republic’s ‘Light It Up’ EP is currently available for purchase at iTunes.

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