BlackRain release video for new single “Demon”

BlackRain release video for new single “Demon”

French rockers BlackRain featuring frontman Swan Hellion and bassist Matthieu De La Roche have released a video for their latest single “Demon” from their upcoming studio album Untamed, which will be released via Steamhammer on November 25, 2022.

Track List for Untamed:
01. Untamed
02. Kiss The Sky
03. Dawn of Hell
04. All The Darkness
05. Demon
06. Summer Jesus
07. Set The World On Fire
08. Neon Drift
09. Blade of Love
10. Raise Your Glass
11. Shut Down
12. The End

The caption for the YouTube video indicates (with slight edits):

“Those who were there may remember this cult series from the 90s that rocked their childhood. The garage, an improvised rehearsal studio, hosted the romances of Hèlène and her girlfriends with the boys. But when it came to listening to the musicians music, a little jingle sounded and we moved on to another scene. This is why 30 years after the screen debut of Laly (Laly Meignan), José and his famous waistcoats (Philippe Vasseur), Jimmy (Tom Schacht), the hard rock group BlackRain comes to titillate our apprentice musicians for their offer to play a complete song in the garage. It is on the occasion of the imminent release of their new album on November 25th that the hardos come to burst our eardrums with their 4th single, the well named “Demon”. The song, tinged with nostalgia, speaks of the memory of our young years and its cohort of new experiences. The demon is never far away to tempt us to come back to it.”

BlackRain‘s “Demon” video: