Blaze Bayley to release new live album ‘Damaged Strange Different and Live’ on July 7th

Blaze Bayley to release new live album ‘Damaged Strange Different and Live’ on July 7th

Former Iron Maiden lead vocalist Blaze Bayley continues to recover from his heart attack on March 25, 2023 and his subsequent quadruple heart bypass. In the meantime, the singer will be releasing yet another live album with Damaged Strange Different and Live set for release on July 7, 2023. Bayley’s previous live albums consist of As Live As It Gets (2003), Alive In Poland (2007), The Night That Would Not Die (2009), Live in Prague (DVD only) (2014), Live In France (2019) and Live In Czech (2020).

The following message was posted in part on Bayley‘s Facebook page back on April 24, 2023:


I visited Blaze at home yesterday & although the surgery has been a success I think it’s fair to say it’s taken its’ toll on him.

He’s positive, patient & fighting just as you would expect of the warrior he is, but the recovery after such a significant operation is clearly going to be slow.

He’s facing 6 weeks before physiotherapy can even begin & that will then most likely be a further 12 weeks beyond.

Thank you everyone for the incredible support.

We will continue these updates from time-to-time but wanted you to be fully informed regarding the likely severity of the recovery period.


Damaged Strange Different and Live

We’ve been working on this for several months & now it feels good to be able to announce, especially as a piece of really good news compared to the recent health issues.

(We apologise that some of you have learned of this release from other sources when normally we like to be the ones to let you know first. On this occasion the news was online first via our distributor).

Official release date is 7th July & we will be starting pre-orders direct from our webshop very soon, including a couple of different options.

The new album, which lifts its title from the lyrics of ‘Warrior’ from the ‘War Within Me‘ studio release, features live versions of songs from that same release, plus a small number of Iron Maiden songs which have featured in the ’25th anniversary’ setlists of the last few years.

The album will be available on CD, Vinyl & digitally through the usual platforms.

Track listing…
1. War Within Me
2. Pull Yourself Up
3. Warrior
4. The Power of Nikola Tesla
5. 18 Flights
6. Lord of the Flies
7. Judgement of Heaven
8. Fortunes of War
9. Como Estais Amigos

Full details coming very soon!

Mark Appleton & Christopher Appleton (management & bookings).”