Bleeding Hearts’ album ‘Loaded Gun’ reissued via FnA Records

Bleeding Hearts’ album ‘Loaded Gun’ reissued via FnA Records

Tampa Bay, Florida, USA rockers Bleeding Hearts‘ album Loaded Gun has been re-issued via FnA Records. You can purchase Loaded Gun via FnA Records‘ website.

Track List for reissued Loaded Gun:
01. Bonnie & Clyde
02. U
03. Kickin Your Love
04. I’m A Rocker
05. Fallin Out of Love
06. Loaded Gun
07. Sweet Dreams Interlude
08. Sweet Dreams
09. Ten Ways
10. Best And Only Friend
11. Take It On The Chin

FnA Records‘ press release indicates (with slight edits):

Bleeding Hearts, started towards the end of 1989 and lasted until July of 1993.  The Tampa scene was hot, wet, and dripping with sweat at this time with bands like Juliet, Roxx Gang, XYZ (fan Base In Florida), Y&T, Jon Oliva (Savatage), and local bands like St. Warren, Scarlet, and Secret Service.

Bleeding Hearts consisted of band members: Archie Muise (guitars), Dan Brice (bass), Frank Jerome (drums) and Earl Cosmo Foote (vocals and acoustic guitar).

In 1990, Bleeding Hearts did a 4 track demo that was the #1 album in Tampa beating out Metallica and Guns N’ Roses. In 1990, Concrete Foundations named Bleeding Hearts as one of the top unsigned bands across the U.S. Radio airplay started picking up on stations like 98 Rock and 95 YNF.

Bleeding Hearts released Loaded Gun in 1992 and toured with Stranger in 1992; they went to Ft. Lauderdale to Agusta Georgia. Bradington, Orlando, Sarasota, Miami, Daytona, Jacksonville, Clearwater, St. Petersburg.

Bleeding Hearts were amongst the best of them when it came to indulging in excessive amounts of sex, drugs and rock n roll as they tried to score that coveted recording music contract.

The Bleeding Hearts, like all other rock bands in the 90’s, succumbed to the new sound called grunge.”

Bleeding Hearts‘ “Fallin’ Out of Love” video: