Blonde Jovi Change Their Name After Legal Threat From Bon Jovi


April 7, 2009

All-girl Bon Jovi covers band Blonde Jovi have changed their name after being bullied by the Bon Jovi’s lawyers and threatened with legal action.

In what comes across as a complete piece of celebrity arrogance, Blonde Jovi were issued with a legal letter demanding they change their name because it “creates a likelihood of confusion” with the supergroup.

Blonde Jovi Change Their Name After Legal Threat From Bon Jovi

The letter from legal firm Blakely Sokoloff Taylor & Zafman stated that “In view of the above, we demand, on behalf of our client, that you and your band immediately (i) cease and desist any and all further use of the mark and name BLONDE JOVI, or any other mark or name similar to our client’s BON JOVI mark, in any manner”.

The demand was even more pathetic when it stated that, “We have no objection to your use of the word BLONDE as long as it is not used in combination with JOVI.”

Blonde Jovi will now be known as Blonde Jersey but they could have been called Boob Jovi.

At a posting at their MySpace site (, in a mood described as “pissed off”, the band has issued the following statement:

“Due to threatened legal action by Jon Bon Jovi’s attorneys, we will no longer be using the name BLONDE JOVI. We are temporarily calling ourselves BLONDE JERSEY, until we come up with a new name. If you have any name suggestions, please email us! Nothing containing JOVI, or anything similar to JOVI may be used so BLONDE GIOVI, BLONDE JOE V, BLONDE JOVIE, are not options. Thanks for your support!”

“Too bad we didn’t go with our original name idea of BOOB JOVI!”.

Too bad indeed but then again, maybe its better to leave that one for Jon to change his band’s name too.

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