Blonz Guitarist Produces New Video By The Athens Band

Blonz Guitarist Produces New Video By The Athens Band

May 6, 2011

Founding member and lead guitarist of Blonz, Steve Taylor, is currently producing a teenage band called The Athens Band. Taylor is reworking some of the best Blonz songs for the young Georgia band, and a couple he did after Blonz, and they have just released a video of the first completed song — “Animals (Mama Said)”.

Headed by 15-year old vocalist and rhythm guitarist Chase Brown, The Athens Band have come a long way from their early days of playing sidewalks and parties. Along with 16-year-old Zak “Blond Blur” Smith ruling the drums, 15-year-old Justin Granados killing it on the bass, and 12-year-old lead guitarist Beau “Monkey” Anderson leaping, writhing, and shredding away in true rocker form, Athens has gathered quite a following. As well-loved performers and often headliners in the scene, these guys give their fans an unbelievable mix of impressive original songs as well as awesome covers of rock classics, and they keep getting better and better, entrancing the whole crowd as they take over every stage they play.

Over the past few years, Athens has drawn the interest of several big names in the industry. Veteran rocker Carl Jah of Dread Zeppelin heaped praise upon the band, offering to write their song “Roll On” for their first album. Steve Taylor, lead guitarist for Bill Gentry of Wild Bills fame and 80s band The Blonz (who released a self-titled album on Epic Records in 1990), was completely wowed by the boys and chose to help produce their upcoming CD which is due out by the end of the year.

The band’s newest original songs are already blowing audiences away, and fans are sure to be thrilled with the release of this album. Helped along the way by members of countless bands including Back N Black, HOLDCELL, and Mad Margritt of Atlanta, Athens has established itself throughout the state, and there is no doubt in anyone’s mind that a record deal will soon be in the cards for these guys.

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