Bloody Dice release debut full-length self-titled album

Bloody Dice release debut full-length self-titled album

Danish rockers Bloody Dice consisting of frontman Dagfinn Joensen, guitarist Nickie Jensen, drummer Kenneth Olsen and bassist Stuart O’Neill (the latter who is British) released their debut full-length self-titled album back on April 28, 2023.

Track List for Bloody Dice:
01. Bloody Dice
02. Machine
03. Live For Today
04. Thorn In Their Side
05. The Conflict
06. Road To Ruin
07. Slave
08. Hangover
09. My Own Way
10. Evil Desire
11. Vigilante
12. Backdoor Man

Eönian Records‘ website indicates (with slight edits):

“”The vision of this band is to play music the same way they want to hear music, with dynamics and “swing.” The mission is to bring back, and to emphasize simplicity and honest expression.

In a time where excessive use of autotune, quantization, and over compression is the only “right” way to record, and most productions sound un-dynamic, similar, and colored by the use of plug-ins and smart apps, instead of featuring the core sound of the recording artist, Bloody Dice want to take things in the opposite direction.

The band feels that the music industry has moved too far away from its roots. “We want an honest sound, where music sounds like it is played by human beings and not by machines. We want warmth and dynamics back, and we want to embrace the imperfect and unpolished, because that’s what makes all the difference,” says vocalist Dagfinn Joensen.

The guys in the band have been through the old run of the mill a couple of times, with album releases that had thousands of layered tracks and sounded like a million dollars but lacked nerve and authenticity. Having joined forces in Bloody Dice, they have made up their minds to try a different approach, and to make that approach apparent, both live and on recordings.

Bloody Dice is a good mixture of nationalities and genres. Guitarist Nickie Jensen, a native Dane, played in a modern melodic rock band called Violmace. Drummer Kenneth Olsen, also from Denmark, played in progressive metal band Royal Hunt. Bassist Stuart O’Neill, who is British, was involved with Spanish speaking heavy metal outfit, Mal Costumbre. Vocalist Dagfinn Joensen, from the Faroe Islands, is probably best known for being the lead singer in the reborn Danish, eighties AOR/rock band Fate.

This album was recorded by producer and engineer, Flemming Rasmussen. Rasmussen has engineered and recorded numerous well known hard rock and metal albums including 1981’s Difficult To Cure by Rainbow. Metallica then brought in Rasmussen to work on their album Ride The Lightning (1984). The partnership continued through to the proceeding two studio albums, Master of Puppets (1986) and …And Justice For All (1988). Rasmussen won a Grammy for producing Metallica’s “One” in 1989.

Bloody Dice has spent the last year or so, in the rehearsal studio, writing songs and refining their craft. The band is now ready for hitting the Danish stages as well as international ones, and fans of genuine, old school hard rock and metal, have something to look forward to.”

Bloody Dice‘s “Road To Ruin” live at Sweet Silence Studios video:

Bloody Dice‘s “Bloody Dice” live at Sweet Silence Studios video: