Bloody Heels’ new album ‘Rotten Romance’ available on June 10th

Bloody Heels’ new album ‘Rotten Romance’ available on June 10th

Latvian rockers Bloody Heels consisting of frontman Vicky White, guitarist Harry Rivers, bassist Gunn Everett and drummer Gus Hawk will be releasing their new studio album Rotten Romance via Frontiers Music Srl on June 10, 2022.

Track List for Rotten Romance:
01. Dream Killers
02. Rotten Romance
03. The Velvet
04. Distant Memory
05. Hour of Sinners
06. Mirror Mirror
07. When The Rain And I Meet
08. Crow’s Lullaby
09. Burning Bridges
10. Angels Crying
11. Oblivion

The following message was posted on Frontiers Music Srl‘s Facebook page earlier today:

“Latvian hard rockers Bloody Heels have announced their return with a new studio album, “Rotten Romance” that will be released on June 10th. Watch the video for the title track HERE:

It is intense!

Pre-order/save “Rotten Romance” HERE:

Rotten Romance”, their third album overall, follows their Frontiers debut, “Ignite The Sky” (2020). While the band still shows nods to the great ‘80s hard rock scene in their sound, the new album presents a stylistic leap from the band that is delightfully unexpected and welcome. Not content to be stagnant in their musical approach, Bloody Heels have pushed their sound forward, proving that innovation within the confines of a genre is always possible when the will to push through barriers exists.”