Bloody Heels release 360° music video for single “Farewell To Yesterday”

Bloody Heels release 360° music video for single “Farewell To Yesterday”

Latvian rockers Bloody Heels consisting of lead vocalist Vicky White, guitarist Harry Rivers, bassist Gunn Everett and drummer Gus Hawk have released a 360° music video for their single “Farewell To Yesterday” from their upcoming new studio album Ignite The Sky, which will be available via Frontiers Music Srl on July 10, 2020.

Track List for Ignite The Sky:
01. Ignite The Sky
02. Criminal Masterminds
03. No Matter
04. Sugar & Spice
05. Farewell To Yesterday
06. Black Swan
07. Stand Your Ground
08. Thin Line
09. Silhouette
10. Healing Waters
11. Streets of Misery

In an interview with The New Wave of Hair Metal admin TomBloody Heels frontman Vicky White commented on how long it took for the new upcoming album to come together.

White stated: “But yeah we basically started to write new material right when we released “Through Mystery“, few ideas we might’ve wrote even before. But we headed to the recording studio in September 2018. Summer 2019 the album was done and after we signed with Frontiers, we agreed to write and record one more song and that’s how “Thin Line” came to life. You guys haven’t heard it yet, but you will in a month.

Bloody Heels‘ “Farewell To Yesterday” 360° music video: