Bloody Mary Inks Deal With Bad Reputation Records

Bloody Mary Inks Deal With Bad Reputation Records

March 12, 2012

Three years after the critically acclaimed debut ‘We Rock, You Suck!’, Bloody Mary signs a worldwide record deal with Bad Reputation Records to release ‘Shoot Me’, the band’s brand new brew.

Eric Coubard (Head of Bad Reputation) is the man responsible for developing bands such as American Dog, Crucified Barbara, Koritni, Electric Mary and many other references of the genre. This deal is a fresh new start and a great source of motivation for the rocking power-trio who is more than ever ready to stand-up for this album with passion and determination.

‘Shoot Me’ will be hitting Europe April/May. Crafted in pure rock tradition, its ten energy-packed straightforward tracks were produced by Guillaume Bideau (Mnemic) who revealed the band’s edge-cutting sound and spirit. The additional presence of two very special guests should also satisfy the ears of rockers around the globe. One is Steve Theado from mean rocking band American Dog who took out the ole’ bottleneck to scream and cry on a 6 string; the other one has such a unique and remarkable voice that we’ll let you out find out who’s hiding behind it…

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